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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Offers Guidance for FY2016 H-1B Cap Petit

USCIS will begin accepting H-1B petition subject to annual numerical quota beginning April 1, 2015. If USCIS receives more than the annual allotment - which is 65,000 for individuals holding a bachelor's degree, or the equivalent, and 20,000 for individuals possessing an advanced degree from a qualifying United States university or college - within the first five business days of April, then a lottery system will be utilized to randomly select the cases that will receive a cap number. Cases that do not receive a cap number will be rejected and returned to the sponsoring employer or the employer's legal representative.

USCIS also announced that it plans to begin processing H-1B cap petitions filed under Premium Processing Service no later than May 11, 2015. Premium Processing Service generally allows for adjudication of a petition within 15 calendar days, however, USCIS oftens adjusts this practice at the beginning of H-1B filing season in order to prioritize data entry.

The full USCIS press release is available here.

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